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      Each successful business enterprise today relies on technology in many key areas of their operations. Regardless of the nature of your products and services, you need to reach out to your customers, partners and suppliers online and this is the primary reason why business IT support is vital for the survival of any business endeavor.  When it comes to technology there are many benefits you can take advantage of in order to help your business succeed in the modern marketplace. However, there are also threats that can undermine your operations be it in the form of phishing, hacking, fraud or every day technical issues, you need to have someone you can count on to fix and maintain your systems on a constant level.  Even with the best hardware and software available, things can go wrong. Nothing is perfect as that is the nature of technology.  Let AvarTec’s business IT support services be your trusted partner for your continued peace of mind and the success of your business.

      Who We Are?

      AvarTec is a premier business IT support company that has been serving customers for the past 2 decades.  Since 2002 we have been the trusted source and partner for enterprise-level support of many small and medium scale businesses. Our small business IT support services can provide you with everything you need most especially peace of mind so you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.  Our many years of experience cover all aspects of security, computing, networking and voice communications.  Our goal is to offer our clients with a service that they can rely on, manage and support all aspects of their computer and networking infrastructure with the end objective of improving efficiency, productivity and effectiveness that provide real value and world-class results.

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      Managed IT and Cybersecurity

      Trust AvarTec to help keep your business secure. There is no doubt that cybersecurity is a major issue for many businesses today.  A lot of proprietary information, sensitive customer data, financial records and many others are stored online in the cloud.  You need a dependable small business IT support Services Company to ensure that everything is protected from current and emerging threats.  We have a proactive approach that can reassure you that all of your systems are maintained on a consistent level, software is updated to the latest patches and helps valuable data be more secure.

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      Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

      At AvarTec you get the complete business IT support package. Not only are our services focused on ensuring computers, servers and networks work properly but our expertise also extends to setting up and maintaining sophisticated telephone systems as well as provide hosting for VoIP telecommunication systems.  Having a VoIP phone service can provide your business with unprecedented flexibility such as taking your business calls on a regular office phone, computer or laptop or even while traveling. Switching to a VoIP phone service can save your company a lot of money and there are a lot of good reasons to switch especially when your business begins to expand and requires a more sophisticated option, or when you your employees become more mobile and require better and more efficient means of communicating other than traditional options.

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      Alarm Systems & Surveillance

      As a small business IT support services provider we are experts in providing security not just from virtual threats but also physical ones as well. Your business deserves to have the best security available today. AvarTec can provide state-of-the-art protection of your facilities. We can protect your physical assets, employees and customers with our sophisticated burglar alarm systems, video surveillance, card access and automation systems. We offer 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring of security systems with a UL Listed monitoring partner. Our sophisticated security systems include mobile devices apps that can arm, disarm and monitor your facility. At AvarTec you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected both in the virtual world and the physical one as well.

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      IT Solutions

      IT Support

      We offer world-class IT security solutions, managed onsite hardware firewalls and software system upgrades, migrations, day-to-day backups that will detect, protect and prevent attacks from sophisticated threats.  We know how important your time is and you simply do not have the time to maintain and fix all of your IT woes. If you think that you are losing money and time from trying to putt out IT fires such as slow networks, unresponsive computers and computer viruses maybe it’s time you log on to your browser and type “small business IT support near me” or better yet, give us a call so we can provide you with the right business IT support for you.

      In today’s business climate, can your business really afford to have any downtime? Let alone not having the right business IT support services to provide security on your servers?  Your reputation and the dependability of your service is on the line. Why risk a breach in your networks or lose access to your data?  Let AvarTec provide you with a customized solution for all your business IT support needs.  At AvarTec you will never have to look for small business IT support services near me as our services paired with our world-class expertise and experience can provide you with everything you need and more.

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