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      In today’s business environment, all industries and companies must be prepared for cyberattacks. AvarTec is a world-class cybersecurity company that can provide you with the adequate security to minimize potential threats as well as provide cybersecurity risk management solutions that are essential to help protect your business and to guard vital sensitive information from online theft. AvarTec is here to provide small and medium scale businesses the peace of mind in efforts to protect them from existing and potential cybersecurity issues.

      We aim to deliver world-class cybersecurity support to our clients that include increased protection of your computers, servers, networks and mobile devices. Cyberattacks are meant to access, delete, or steal a company’s sensitive data, which makes cybersecurity a very important feature to have for any business or organization that holds customer information. Technology is an ever-developing field and with it comes an ever changing level of sophistication of cyberattacks. This requires cybersecurity to continuously adapt and change in order to best protect against new avenues of threats. Even if you are only a small business you still need to have business cybersecurity to minimize threats from malicious actors, viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Allow AvarTec be your cybersecurity partner.

      Since 2002, we have been providing enterprise-level support for many small and medium-sized businesses. We are in essence their IT Department. Our expansive experience includes all aspects of business cybersecurity, computing, networking and voice communications. One does not become a trustworthy and reliable cybersecurity company overnight. It takes years of experience, knowledge, skills and adaptability to defend and counter the ever-evolving threats out there. When it comes to the digital experience of your customers, security should be non-negotiable. We can provide you with a high-value protective shield to help defend your websites, networks and computers from potential and existing threats.

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      Our state-of-the-art cybersecurity services strengthens the protection for your business from the following threats:

      Malware – This form of malicious software is designed to produce harm on computers and networks and includes: computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and worms.

      Phishing – These are fraudulent emails disguised as real emails coming from trusted sources with the intent of stealing sensitive customer or employee data such as login information, address, contact numbers, emails and credit card information.

      Ransomware – This is a kind of malware attack that lets an attacker lock his victim’s computers usually via an encryption and a demand for ransom payment in exchange for unlocking the system.

      Social Engineering Threats – This type of cyberattack relies mostly on human interaction with the intent of tricking users into disregarding security procedures for the purpose of gaining sensitive data that is part of the protected system.

      With AvarTec’s business cybersecurity services in place your business get to enjoy:

      1. Sophisticated high level protection against malware, ransomware, phishing, social engineering threats and much more.
      2. Your data and networks undert 24/7 protection.
      3. Our cybersecurity system thwarts unauthorized users from ever gaining access to your system and networks.
      4. We can improve your recovery time if there was already a breach in your system before we came on board.
      5. Improved confidence and reputation of your company.

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