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      For a modern business to thrive, you need to have a reliable IT department that can maintain, protect, update and secure your systems on a consistent basis. Most companies do not have the budget to have their own IT team on standby and with the advancement of technology, combined with the expectations of your customers and the need to offer high quality services there has never been a better time to have reliable but affordable IT services.

      With more and more companies are looking to have their employees work at home without having to go to their physical offices. AvarTec is here to provide you with the support you need to convert your operations from a traditional office setup to a home office environment. We have the technical expertise and experience to provide your business with all your remote office support needs. We can set up a seamless home office network, arrange for a fast, reliable internet connection, connect your computers into a secure server so your staff can have full access to all office data and files, backup and secure all your data, troubleshoot, safeguard, and provide protection from cyber threats and give you immediate technical support 24/7. All of these can be done in the comfort, convenience and safety of your own homes. At AvarTec we can make your business remote office ready and support your employees away from your main offices

      How long can your business survive downtime?

      When it comes to IT issues, they normally do not always happen between business hours only. Many of today’s business operate online 24×7 and operate regularly outside of normal business hours to offer their customers the best service possible.  Our remote office IT support service is no different.  We are ready to solve any IT issues that may happen after working hours and we do this without ever having to be physically present on the site. What this means for your business is you are able to get your services back running faster before any impact on the customer is felt.

      Extensive Experience in Migrations

      Our remote office support team has extensive experience in migrations of SQL, Exchange, and Hybrid Cloud solutions. You never have to worry about losing your data ever again. All files and data on workstations are replicated to servers and fully backed up.

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      Management of Email Systems

      Let our remote office technical support team ensure timely and professional management of your email systems.  Your email systems are filtered and archived off-site before it hits your mailbox, with Office 365, or local exchange server.

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      Backup Systems

      Our remote office IT support team will create backup systems in the event that there is catastrophic failure, your servers, and data will become accessible from the cloud in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Every second your business is down you lose money.  Our remote office setup backup systems can prevent downtime, loss of revenue and productivity for your offices and remote workers as well.

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      Managed IT and Cybersecurity

      Our remote office IT support service can provide 24/7 multi-layered Cybersecurity and threat protection to help against current and emerging threats. Managing your computers, remote offices, servers, mobile devices and securing your valuable data. In today’s online environment where hacking, fraud and stealing of customer’s data can destroy the reputation of many businesses, it is vital that you protect yours with the right level of security your business deserves.

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      Virus and Malware Protection & Monitoring

      If you and your employees do a lot of business online then there is a real chance that viruses and malware can infect your system causing a security breach.  Our support team can help prevent this from becoming an issue in your workplace and remote offices. We monitor and keep track of all the latest security threats that may be sent through emails and devices and ensure these are quarantined and deleted before they even reach your mailbox. Let us provide you with the protection and confidence you need to focus on your business.

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      Knowledge Sharing

      Our professional remote office IT support service provides real value knowledge sharing for your company. With the team working remotely it is important everyone can access and share the data they need.

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      Overall Greater Satisfaction

      With AvarTec’s remote office setup you gain faster, more accurate and efficient resolutions to any IT issue that come your way. This leads to better confidence of your employees to use the tools available to them. Our remote office IT support service can lead to optimized workflows in your organization leading to better productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

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