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      Before managed IT came into the market, there was only one sure fire way that businesses can turn to in order deal with technical problems in the workplace. If a server or desktop failed, the only recourse was to call an outside professional, try to explain the issue and scrambling to come up with an effective solution in as little time as possible. This approach is problematic as technological developments cannot wait for problems to arise and systems to go down prior to taking action. Our growing reliance on automated systems and digital databases could mean that any technological outage can have a profound negative impact on our business ops.

      When a network fails or an email server suddenly becomes inaccessible for long periods of time, the loss in revenue and productivity would be nothing short of disastrous. Due to the higher stakes in today’s business climate, you need a reliable managed IT service provider that can adequately offer support and security in order to anticipate and react effectively to any system failure as well as foresee potential problems before they even occur.

      AvarTec offers world-class managed IT services for small and medium scale businesses. Our clients see us as an extension of their team, their own personal world-class managed IT services provider. We employ a proactive approach in dealing with all information technology issues. This method can ensure that your systems are maintained, software is always updated and all of your valuable data is backed up and secure as possible. At AvarTec, we do not wait for technical problems to occur, we put systems into place to help give you peace of mind.

      Our managed IT services contain all the right stuff to ensure that your business operates faster, runs more efficiently and is secure as possible

      • Network Administrator – Allows you to have the confidence that you have your very own contact person and not simply a phone number to call.
      • Proactive Approach/Regular Schedule – You get peace of mind when you know that your managed IT service provider team is always checking and updating on a regular basis and not simply waiting for issues to occur only to react.
      • In-House 24/7 Help Desk – We all know that “bad guys” don’t work on a predictable and fixed schedule. Threats and cyberattacks can and will happen at any time of the day. Repercussions of these threats and attacks can have a significant negative impact on your business and your customers. Our dedicated professional managed IT team is ready to detect, fix and minimize these threats day or night.
      • Cybersecurity/Network Management – This is perhaps the most important asset to any business. Never let stolen data ruin your brand or reputation. At AvarTec you receive the necessary protection and support to help protect your company from any existential threat.
      • Remote Monitoring and Backup – We provide secure backup of your data to our secure servers in case systems fail. We can let you resume operations in minutes or hours not days or weeks.
      • Software Security Updates – We all know the importance of having the latest software security updates to provide up-to-the-minute security on current and emerging threats. AvarTec ensures your system and networks are always updated with the latest patches.
      • Virus & Malware Protection and Monitoring – Viruses and malware remain a constant threat and can seriously hijack a system and expose it to hacking. AvarTec managed IT can help provide the constant protection you need from this ever present threat.
      • E-mail Hosting and Spam, Virus, Phishing Filtering – Depend on us for reliable email hosting and spam protection to minimize your inbox of unwanted emails, phishing attempts and possible computer viruses.

      Every second your business is down, so are your operations, revenue, and efficiency. AvarTec will take care of your IT problems so you can focus all of your resources on your primary business operations, maximize revenue, and be more efficient.

      How long can your business survive downtime?

      Can you afford not having access to your data for hours, let alone days? With our 24/7 surveillance of your systems, software, devices and data, you can sleep easy and worry less about failures. Reducing cost and the number of times your employees need IT support is our goal.

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      Fixed Cost for You

      Small and medium scale companies often do not have the funds to have their own in-house IT staff. At AvarTec you do not have to worry about that as our managed IT services gives you a fixed cost that can allow you to budget your resources efficiently.

      No Need to Train and Update IT Staff

      Not only is it expensive to hire an in-house IT staff, you also spend money to train and keep them updated with the latest trends and processes in cybersecurity. When you hire us as your managed IT service provider, you can focus on human resources in other areas of your business that need it most. All our IT support staff are certified, trained, qualified and experienced in their respective fields.


      Is your data really safe?

      Backup solutions, disaster recovery planning, virus and malware prevention are just the tip of the iceberg. It is important to distinguish the type of backup solutions that work best for your business and keep your data more secure.

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      In today’s sophisticated electronic environment, fraud is rampant and companies lose money, reputation and customers if their networks get breached. At AvarTec we provide the security you need to be confident in wire transfers, e-checks, credit cards and gift certificates. As a certified managed IT Services Company we are knowledgeable with PCI compliance regulations. With us protecting your business you can minimize the risk with maintaining sensitive customer information along with credit card information and client data. We make sure that your firewall is always up to date and a DMZ is installed to provide an extra layer of protection

      Implement Sophisticated Technology Quickly

      We all know that technology can change quickly in the blink of an eye. Very few companies have the resources and capability to be able to keep up with the latest technology and have the know how to implement these fast enough to remain relevant and competitive. AvarTec managed IT services frees you from this worry as we remain always “future minded” in our approach to our services. We already tinker with beta releases of new software in order to iron out bugs and anticipate problems so that you do not have to.

      Cross Platform Support

      While most computers are running some form of Windows, a lot of companies also use Macs on their network usually for marketing or creative design purposes and even laptops for employees in the field and also Linux devices in the form of web servers or firewalls. AvarTec managed IT is comfortable in working with all those systems. Regardless if it is a Windows Server 2003 through 2016 or an Ubuntu web server in Azure you can rely on us to configure your workstations be it on Mac or PC and get them running and operating smoothly as intended.

      Do you want the flexibility to control your business from anywhere?

      Our cloud-based solutions let you access everything, anytime, anywhere. We give you the freedom of accessing your workspace from any device be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone from any location in the world.

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      Round the Clock Support

      As your managed IT service provider we are here to provide reliable and continuous support 24/7/365. We know that your business does not close after 5 pm and your networks remain open to serve the needs of your customers on a round the clock basis. We want to let you know that help is always available for you be it day, night, holidays and weekends.

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