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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

AvarTec’s IT services include more than just computers, servers, and network support. We have extensive experience in telephone systems and provide hosted VoIP telecommunications systems.

What are some of the advantages of VoIP phone service?

It provides you greater flexibility than traditional phone service. Our customers can take their business phone calls on their regular office phone, on their computer or laptop, or even when traveling.

There are many reasons to switch. First and foremost, switching will save your business money. Other good times to switch are when your current telephone lease is up, your business is expanding and needs a more sophisticated option, or your staff is becoming increasingly mobile and you require better alternatives to standard services. Did we mention it also saves you money?

Find out more about all the robust features of AvarTec’s hosted VoIP telephone systems. Connect with us to receive a full listing and comprehensive evaluation of the rich features and benefits that await you.

  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Phone Systems/ VoIP
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Cost-effective Solutions

Need to get up-to-date with modern communication?

It’s simple really. Get VoIP phone systems that give you advanced reliable communication solutions. Connect with the world right from your laptop or other remote locations.


VoIP Phone Service

Some of the advantages of VoIP phone service?

Answer your Business Line Anywhere

Voicemail to Email

Auto Attendant 24/7

Fax to Email

How it works

Getting started with cloud-based Hosted VoIP is 3 easy steps away!

Step 1

Sign up by contacting us

Step 2

Our team manages the system configuration and connects your phone lines

Step 3

Our rapid response team will arrive at your place of business!

Get the flexibility and reliability you deserve.

Take your business phone calls from anywhere, even at the beach.

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