Why Choosing a Local Data Center Is The Best Option For Data Storage

When it comes to our data-centering services, we often hear from two types of clients: The first are companies that have data centers on-site, and are looking for a second location to store their data as an emergency back-up. On the opposite end, we have small businesses, for which on-site servers are an ongoing expense that they’re trying to get away from completely.  

While big-name cloud computing companies offer data-centering services, local data centers like AvarTec are the safer, more cost-effective option for both types of clients. Let’s explore why local data centers are the best option for businesses that want to keep their networks, systems, and data secure. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • A data center is a facility that provides the physical hardware (servers) to house an organization’s data.
  • The cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, rather than locally on your computer.  
  • While cloud computing services like Azure and Google offer data storage, local tech companies like AvarTec offer Managed IT services including data-centering. This service comes with a host of benefits at a lower cost.
  • Cloud migration (or moving data to the cloud) takes time, but AvarTec’s process requires zero downtime, meaning users can still access their networks and data during cloud migration.

What is a Data Center? 

A data center is a location that provides the computational facilities like servers to house (or centralize) an organization’s shared IT operations for the purposes of storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications. 

Simply put, a data center is a physical location with computer equipment that houses the network, systems, and data of companies and/or individuals. With extensive digital logs of sensitive information such as customer data, employee information, financials, and assets, a business would be hard-pressed to run their day-to-day operations without using some kind of data center. 

On-Site Data Centers

Some companies have data centers of their own, meaning they have servers and computers on the company premises. 

While any business can choose to build their own on-site data center, investing the necessary $60,000 – $100,000 in such a project isn’t always in the company budget. Not to mention the cost of the servers themselves–around $15,000. And those would need to be replaced every 5-6 years!

Off-Site (Third-Party) Data Centers 

Instead of storing their data on-site, many businesses choose to outsource their data storage operations to a cloud-based, off-site data-centering service. Essentially, if your company doesn’t have the space or hardware to have an on-site data center, you will need to hire a third-party and use their hardware to house your company data. 

These third-parties are considered infrastructure as a service (IaaS) companies. They have large data centers of their own, and “rent” out their server space to clients.


Co-location refers to data that is stored in both on-site and off-site data centers. 

This is often useful for clients who want to invest in redundancy, meaning they want a duplicate copy of their data. This way, if their on-site server shuts down for any reason, then they can restore the backup of their data from the second local server.

Where Should I Store My Data?

Giving a third-party total access to your company’s data and networks involves a high level of trust. Because trust is often gained through familiarity, many companies choose to house their data with big cloud computing services that they’re already familiar with, such as Google, Azure, or Amazon. 

But there are many downsides to outsourcing your data-centering to these massive companies: slow response times, poor technology support, overpriced products, and more. The good news is, there are other, better data-centering options available. Businesses can find local companies that offer data-centering services–including AvarTec. 

As part of our Managed IT services, AvarTec provides the hardware to house your data right here in the Twin Cities area. That means when our clients call us, a human picks up the phone. When they visit us, they can actually see where their data is being stored. (For comparison, Google’s nearest data center is in Council Bluffs, Iowa.) But these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. 

7 Benefits of Using a Local Data Center 

1. Accessible

Using a local data center, clients know exactly where their data is being stored. When you data-center with AvarTec, we can physically show you the hardware we’re using to store and digitize your infrastructure. That type of accessibility just isn’t available when using a big cloud computing service.

2. Responsive

Because AvarTec is local, clients can expect an immediate, human response from us if they need any technology support. We’re available day and night for our clients, and because we aren’t a huge cloud computing company serving thousands of customers, our clients can rest easy knowing that they’re always our priority. 

3. Secure 

At AvarTec, security is our chief concern. In our data center, we have a 24/7 Security Operations Center with actual technicians monitoring your networks for any events that could be a threat actor. We also make sure that our data centers are physically secure.

4. Consistent

Instead of having your data scattered across the internet, with files in Google Drive, One Drive, Azure, etc., you can have all your data stored in a secure, local data center. In an emergency situation where your office loses power or internet, At AvarTec, we can guarantee that our servers are going to be up and running, keeping your data secure and your business operations flowing. 

5. Cost-Effective

Using a local data center is less expensive than the big-name alternatives, and you get a higher level of support than you could otherwise. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, our customized data storage solutions are made to fit your needs for the best price. 

6. Automatically Remote

An off-site data center is automatically remote, which means the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Companies who employ remote workers won’t need to invest in an expensive firewall or other features in their offices in order to support their remote workers. 

7. Scalable

Not only are servers expensive, but many clients with on-site servers often don’t even use half of the processing power available. Our data storage solutions are scalable–we provide you the server space based on your needs. While large cloud computing services also offer scalable data storage, they pre-package their services. This means small businesses often end up paying for features they don’t need. At AvarTec, we create customized plans for our clients that fit their needs exactly, so you never pay more than you need to. 

Things To Know Before You Move Your Data (Cloud Migration)

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. 

When you decide you want to transfer your business’s data and applications from an on-site data center to a third-party data center (including AvarTec’s data center), the third party will need to initiate and oversee the cloud migration process. 

To successfully migrate data from your servers to the cloud, there are a couple things to remember.

  • You’re going to want to make sure you have a fast, fiber optic internet connection. (In general, we wouldn’t recommend that companies use off-site data centers if they didn’t have a fast internet connection.)  
  • Most companies have a lot of data. It won’t be possible to move it all at once, so the process will take time. Luckily, AvarTec’s cloud migration process is completely seamless.

AvarTec’s Cloud Migration Process

To migrate a company’s data from their hardware to our own, first we connect our client’s current servers to the servers in our data center. Then, we duplicate that data and have it seed the information so that the data is fully available in both the company’s servers and our data center. Finally, we set a time for a “cutover,” in which we change the address for where the data is stored. 

With this seamless migration process, the company’s users won’t see any downtime. That means you and your employees will be able to access your networks and data throughout the entire process. 

Interested in Off-Site, Local Data-Centering? Call AvarTec! 

At AvarTec, our IT experts can answer any questions you may have, and create a customized data-centering plan for your company’s specific needs. 

When you invest in AvarTec’s Managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing that our technicians are working day and night to monitor your networks. We offer round-the-clock technology support, and always make sure your business’s data is safe and secure. Contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to supporting your business!